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Below are departments that Indiana Simulator Systems currently works with to meet their training needs. Point of contact information has been included, we encourage departments or organizations who are considering using us, to call and  ask about our system and training! 

Our list is growing by the week as departments learn of our simulators capabilities and cost! 

Delaware County Sheriff's Office

Point of Contact- Deputy Lenny Pop

Auburn Police Department

Point of Contact- Chief Martin Mccoy
Portland Police Department

Point of Contact- Asst. Chief Nathan Springer
Muncie Police Department

Point of Contact- Lt. Rick Eber

At Indiana Simulator Systems, we take care to provide our customers with a high quality, affordable use of force simulator experience. 

We provide all the equipment for a very realistic, interactive training experience! Our state of the art simulator, allows for virtual firing ranges tailored to your specific design, as well as realistic video simulations. We will meet with your agency or organization and plan specific scenarios for your training needs. 

Our simulators have a variety of realistic, interactive use of force scenario's. Our realistic scenarios encompass traffic stops, domestic disputes, active shooter, alarms, hostage situations and many more. 

Our virtual range can mimic a firing range with distances from 3 yards to 50 yards and can be designed to your needs. 

Our weapons use laser technology and provide an accurate re-creation of firing a weapon, including recoil. This makes the officer or student re-aquire their target as if they were firing a live weapon. 

If you have any question concerning services, please feel free to call us anytime!
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