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Below are departments that Indiana Simulator Systems currently works with to meet their training needs. Point of contact information has been included, we encourage departments or organizations who are considering using us, to call and  ask about our system and training! 

Our list is growing by the week as departments learn of our simulators capabilities and cost! 

Delaware County Sheriff's Office

Point of Contact- Deputy Lenny Pop

Auburn Police Department

Point of Contact- Chief Martin Mccoy
Portland Police Department

Point of Contact- Asst. Chief Nathan Springer
Muncie Police Department

Point of Contact- Lt. Rick Eber
Our simulator systems have the ability to conduct training for Police, Correctional and Security Officers. We have the most up to date equipment on the market! 

We have a approximately 800 scenarios with almost any situation one can encounter. We get new scenarios on a regular basis!

We will travel to any state to help with your training needs!

Below are just a few reasons to use our Use of Force/Firearms Training Simulator.

Firing Range- We can mimic any course of fire and most targets. Agencies can count this towards their mandated firearms training hours, if a firearms instructor is running the virtual range. Save hundreds on ammunition costs with this feature alone!

Portability- Our simulator can be set up and calibrated in approximately 30 minutes. 

Functionality- Officers can move freely during training, coming within inches of the simulation, or as far back as the room allows. 
Our system registers hits at almost any angle, if the officer can see the screen when he fires, the simulator will track the shot accurately!

Completely Wireless- Our system core is the only thing we use that's not wireless, and is the size of a small suitcase. Training is ran with a wireless PC tablet allowing the instructor to move freely while still controlling the scenario. 

Availability- We will conduct training any shift and work around your schedule, including weekends.
 Indiana Simulator Systems ® 
We are a certified training provider through the Indiana Law Enforcement Training Board. 

Our rental prices include a system operator for the duration of the rental. This​ helps keep the training as smooth as possible for the department renting the system. It also ensures that our weapons and simulator will be maintained properly.

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​We can set up as a station for your hands on training sessions! Department's have utilized us during K-9 training, E.V.O.C. training and Defensive Tactics training. 
Almost every scenario has the ability to branch out into a non-lethal encounter if the officer's commands and actions are correct. 

Here, officer's use a team approach before entering a building for a search.
ILETB Instructor #5000-129
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 Prices include a system operator who will run the machine for you or help with training.

1 Day Rental $525.00

2 Day Rental $975.00

3 Day Rental  $1300.00

5 Day Rental $1950.00

Longer periods are available, contact us for more information. 

Price information below!


Out of State Price List

1 Day Rental $875.00

2 Day Rental $1200.00

3 day Rental $1,700.00

5 Day Rental $2,300.00

Longer periods are available, contact us for more information. 

Want to use our system several times a year? Contracted rates are also available! 
We have helped with training for departments with upwards of 100 officers and as few as 3! Feel free to call any department listed on our reference page and ask about our equipment and our instructors.
The rental cost of our simulator is significantly less than any other simulators available! Our price includes a system operator.  

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